Welding technology

The main advantages of the CD-welding are

Extremely short welding times < 10 ms
Welding with lowest heat-affected zone (<= 500 ยตm) and lowest distortion
Welding of different material thicknesses
Welding of parts with one-sided coating without destruction of the coating
Welding of high carbon steels (local annealing of the welding joint with a
second discharge)
Only two main welding parameters. This ensures a fast and secure setting
of the machine

High repeatability of the welding parameters

Easy quality monitoring. The constant welding parameters power and energy ensure
constant welding currents and setting ways
Logging of all relevant welding data
Low load of the electrical power supply, typical connection values are 3 x 400 V / 20 kVA
High welding cycle sequence
High electrode life time

Generally no cooling of the electrodes is required

Low machinery maintenance