Development department

The GLAMAtronic development department accompanies our customers with any questions for CD-welding. Our trained staff supports by:


The design of the components to be welded and its weld preparation
The manufacture and design of new welding tools and welding equipment
The determination of optimal weld parameters
The metallographic and mechanical material tests of the welded components and their subsequent interpretation and advice
The production of welding tools and trial gauges

In order to perform welding tests, our development department can use 5 CD-welding machines in C-frame and Portal-frame construction up to 130 kJ and 200 kN, and 1 MF welding machine with 130 kVA and 10 kN.

For further mechanical, microscopic, technological and scientific research, we cooperate with regional and national universities. Thus, we offer a very wide range of analysis.

The tooling required for the welding test (for simple to very complex welding applications) are built in close cooperation and coordination with our customers.

Welding tool with parallel guiding and separate force and current initiation
Welding tool with parallel guiding for work piece adaption

Welding tool with external clamping device for ideal current initiation close to the fusion zone
Welding tool with parallel guiding for work piece adaption


Metallographic investigation:
• Metallographic sample preparation (embedding, grinding, polishing, etching)
• Light microscopy to 1000 times
• Stereomicroscopy to 50 times
• Digital Imaging


Mechanical Testing:
• Hardness 0.1 to 1 HV
• Mechanical material testing with an universal testing machine with digital value recording up to 200 kN for

  - tensile test
  - load test
  - bending test
  - push-out test
• Hydraulic press up to 400 kN
• Heat treatment (hardening furnace: 1350°C and annealing furnace: 650°C)
• Torque testing up to 1000 Nm
• Calibrated measuring tools for measuring tolerances for concentricity, parallelism

Shoulder projection for gear parts
Welding of PM-steel
Welding of different steels