Training service

The target groups of the training service are the employees of our customers.
We convey our knowledge so that our customers can work with their GLAMAtronic systems at the highest level and therefore constantly improve their requirements.

These optional courses provide knowledge in practice and theory, and can be performed at GLAMAtronic or at the customer site. The main contents of the training sessions which can last up to 5-days are summarized below:

Theoretical basic information of the CD-welding
Principles of safety when working with CD-welding
Training in theory and practice in the Quality Monitoring System
Theory and practice of the electrical engineering used and of the safety handling
of all electrical components
Training in theory and practice of the installed hydraulic and pneumatic components
Teaching of the metrological basics with exercises in the necessary measurement systems
(e.g. measuring and adjusting the welding current by Miyachi measurement products)
Introduction to the technical basics of the cooling systems used